The Looming Republican Civil War

Nicholas Glinsman | February 14th, 2021

Trump vs the embedded GOP leadership, and the old guard will not win. 

After watching the impeachment trial in the Senate, we can now go back to being observers in the fight for control of the Republican Party.  Since he left office, Trump has enjoyed limitless airtime with his name all over the trending news cycle… significantly, without saying a word.  The lame attempt by the Democrats (and some in the GOP top brass) to erode Trump’s popularity has done the exact opposite. It has served only to solidify his base and highlight the hypocritical rhetoric by Democratic lawmakers during the summer of the 2020 riots.

Very few things surprise me, but the complete ineptitude to understand what has been materializing on the ground level with voters is absolutely shocking, and this has been done by supposed seasoned veterans of the US political system.

The splintering of the GOP leadership structure has been evident for some time. The modern-day trend for financial networks to support presidential candidates directly had already created stress within the structure of the GOP. Then came 2016, when Trump presented a direct threat to the party’s leadership, which did nothing to counter such then. Furthermore, after the midterm losses, the GOP had a fresh chance to curtail Trump, but then failed to do so out of fear and miscalculation.

He has delegitimized the entire media establishment by simple tweets of “Fake News” while pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of ideologically-bent journalists only concerned about Trump rather than objectivity. Using the weaponization of viral news to play on voters fears, Trump expanded his base voters into the blue-collar, working class and minority voters. This represented a result, which Mitch McConnell has clearly found difficult to process.

Many will respond with “but he lost!”, but statistical anomalies in select cities coupled with COVID lockdowns simply allowed for a better ground operations by Democrats to game the voting system. Cheating? Well that happens in every election in every country on earth, but a systemically top down operation is unlikely. This of course is squarely on Trump since he is the leader and should have had people in place to counteract such actions. 

As Trump had lost and seemed to have become unhinged, McConnell had the proper strategy of allowing Trump to fade and work on the economic recovery, which would have limited the former president’s popularity and momentum. However, the progressives have become so deranged and intent on jailing, exiling or shooting Trump into the Sun on a SpaceX rocket that they have forced a second impeachment hearing and since that has failed also, are now pushing Biden, the DOJ, SDNY and Georgia DOJ to charge Trump with ANYTHING to disqualify him for 2024.

Once again I will state the obvious: You cannot continuously attack a politician out of personal distaste and expect the public to not notice the hypocrisy and that his words and actions pose a threat to the establishment. The voters love an underdog and a martyr which is exactly what the Democrats and GOP establishment have as a result created. 

I forecast that Trump will circle the wagons, find GOP supporters and candidates who will be ambitious to dethrone Mitch and others by targeting 2022 and 2024 races.