Update on Ukraine – March 1, 2022

Albert Marko | March 1st, 2022


Georgian volunteers (over 200) were going to go to Ukraine to fight. Georgian government would not allow the aircraft to take off. In response, Ukraine recalled its ambassador from Tbilisi. Georgia will not send its military or allow volunteers to go. Criminal charges will be applied to any Georgian going to Ukraine. It’s the reason the Ukrainians recalled the ambassador. Georgians dropping off medical supplies to Ukrainian embassy. Diplomatically, this was the right decision to stay neutral.


Convoy probably is Belarus army. Belarus openly supporting Russia. Legislators changed the law in two ways:

1) allow fighters to go to another country to fight and

2) allow Russian nuclear missile into Belarus.

Convoy is probably there to supply fuel and ammunition. Russian tanks and troop carriers have been running out of fuel. Cannot even fire in place without engines running. Sitting ducks at the moment for Ukrainian drones.

Ukraine might start bombing fuel depots and oil infrastructure in Belarus as well as Belarus airports. Any supply points from Belarus would be valid targets.

Civilian Attacks

This is the scenario we discussed. Inflict casualties on civilians, PSYOPS to turn people against the Ukrainian government. Time is running out for Moscow. Situation is more desperate by the hour to achieve any sort of perceived victory.